Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week.

This week, Brian and I celebrated our anniversary in Chicago. (6 months late.)  It's been a crazy past couple of months, so this trip was much needed and much enjoyed! (Though when is our life NOT crazy???)

Brian's dream is to see a game at every NFL stadium in the country.  My dream is to visit fun and interesting cities in the US.  

This was a big game for Brian- life-long Bears fan
Some the locations of the stadiums and my idea of "fun" cities do not always go hand in hand, for example, Green Bay, Wisconsin. (No offense, Cheeseheads.) We are using our anniversary trips to knock out a football game and hang out somewhere new that we both can agree on.  Next up? We're thinking Seattle, Boston, or San Fran.....  Anyone have a connection to some football tickets????  

I'll share this picture with you too.... I put it on facebook and got some funny responses from my friends who are afraid of heights.  Since skydiving a few years ago, this was actually a piece of cake! 

Sears Tower- 103 stories up in the glass overlook

This week, we found out that Tyson Henry is officially a Word! We passed court at the end of September and then had a 30-day wait period.  We are hoping to have his Certificate of Non-Appeal, (CONA) by the end of the week.  

Next step will be getting all of our documents translated and sending our immigration paperwork to the USCIS.  This, in effect,  asks the US to recognize Tyson as no longer an orphan, but instead a member of OUR family!

After that, we'll be applying for visas and embassy appointments, in hopes of traveling by January.  

This week, we had a big meeting for our sweet baby "J" and his future.  It's crazy to think that he has almost been in our home for a year! Though I can't share details, it was a meeting that encouraged us as we were reminded just how many people "J" has fighting for him.  We have been blessed with social workers and lawyers who do their job well and want the best for this little one.  

We hope that in the coming months we can share more, but for now, we ask that you would join us in prayer for our situation with "J."  Please pray for wisdom for the social workers, lawyers, and judges.  Please pray for protection for "J" no matter where he is in the future.  Please pray for us as we navigate the unknown world of foster care. Our prayer is that we would focus only on the day to day joys of being with "J," rather than the unknowns of the future. 

This week, we learned that we have already raised $400 toward our $2,000 matching grant for our adoption! That is amazing! 

If you are still interested in giving, (tax-deductible, 100% of donation goes toward our adoption), please click here for more information. 

All in all, I'd say it's been a really good week! 

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