Tuesday, August 21, 2012

YOLO, Bon Iver, and Bootcut Jeans.

I've somehow ended up in my mid-30's.  Still not sure how that happened.  

When I was seventeen, I thought 35 sounded really OOOOOOLLLLDDDDD.  

When I was seventeen, I also thought I'd stop getting pimples once I hit 20. 

I was wrong on both accounts. 

I'm still getting pimples and I don't FEEL old.  But my thirties DID produce some serious gray hairs sprouting out of my head. Not cool.  

I blame Brian.  They showed up after we got married. 

It's become apparent recently that though I don't feel old I AM getting a smidge out of the culturally relevant loop.  Here are some examples. 

1. I just recently learned what YOLO means. 

2. Upon seeing FB pictures of college girls wearing neon midriff shirts and jean shorts I assumed they were going to a theme party.  I was wrong.  This is 2012, real-life fashion, people. 

3.  I don't know how to pronounce Goyte or Bon Iver.

4. A college student was staying with us and forgot clothes for church.  I offered to loan her some of my jeans.  She asked for a skirt in order to avoid having to wear my bootcut jeans.  

5.  I still have the same hair length and cut from high school. That can't be good. Unless, of course, it's coming back into style, much like those colored jeans I wore in 10th grade.  

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I'm headed full steam ahead toward forty, (gulp), and focus on studying the latest catchphrases, buying skinny jeans, and listening to more hipster bands. 



  1. :) I understand. I was just looking at hairstyles/color on Pinterest in order to better hide my grey hair!!!

  2. I may get laughed at, but what is YOLO?

  3. I just googled Bon Iver. It sounded like a soap to me. Ah 30's... I kind of love them :)

  4. I may get giggled at, but what is YOLO?
    Tailored jeans,Bootcut Jeans.