Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where the Magic Happens


Some of you were heading in a totally different direction with that title....admit it. 

This past week we rode into Orlando on the heels of Tropical Storm Debby.  We joined my parents and sister's family for a few days at Disney World. 

Though good ol' Debby wreaked havoc on much of the state, she actually left us with a mildly rainy and cooler week.  We even had some days with a breeze and low humidity.  Hello? Florida in June? 

I came out of this trip without been puked or pooped on so I count it a major victory in the world of traveling with a baby. 

All in all, it was a really great week.  We had our tickets generously given to us by a friend.  Spent some sweet, quality time with my family that I rarely get to see.  Got five interrupted days with my husband and little guy.   

It did my heart good. 

Bringing an infant to Disney World anytime soon? Here's a list of what you can do on your trip. 

1.  Take the baby on Space Mountain. 

2.  Just kidding. 

3.  Take the baby on It's a Small World ride.  

4.  Sit in the shade while the baby naps. 

5.  Count how many families are in matching t-shirts. 

6.  Take the baby on It's a Small World ride. 

7.  Snap 5,204 pictures of the baby in Mouse Ears.  
Wish I could show you the full picture because he's pretty much
the cutest mouse you've ever seen. 

8.  Sit in the shade while the baby naps. 

9.  Get as many pictures with Disney characters as possible, because the baby is too young to be deathly afraid of them yet. 
(Our sweet boy loved touching Mickey's nose when he 
met him :)

10.  Take the baby on It's a Small World ride. 

Repeat steps 3-10. 

*Thanks to all of my friends who gave me great advice and travel tips before our trip!*


  1. Glad it was a fun trip to Disney! I want to see him in those Mickey Ears! How cute.