Sunday, May 27, 2012


I do not do change easily.   My husband, on the other hand, relishes it.  

I liken it to the time we went sky-diving while we were dating.  I was clinging on to any part of the plane, trying to keep from being shoved out to what I was convinced was my untimely death. 

Meanwhile, he offered to jump first and dove out head first. 

Even after the jump, I was nauseous the rest of the day and wondering why I had done it.  

He was ready to jump again. 

That's our life picture for change.  Suh-lightly different. 

But, change is inevitable and thankfully, when it comes, we're able to balance each other out through the process.  

Here's some of the changes going on with us....

1.  We've switched adoption agencies.  After a very looooonnnnggg process of praying and talking through our decision, and for reasons I won't go into- we felt like it was the wisest decision for us to switch to a new agency.  

It was a decision that did NOT come lightly. We had already been in process a year and had invested money- our own and money donated to our adoption- and that weighed heavily on us.  After viewing all sides, we did not have a peace about staying with the current agency, so we have switched to Lifeline Children's Services in Birmingham.  They have a pilot program in DRC, but are working with many other countries around the world. 

One of the reasons we really liked them was because their main concern is what's best for the children- not the adoptive family.  We wanted to work with an agency who we knew was advocating for the children and not just trying to find kids to place in families.  

We have quite a few friends who have used them for adoptions, so we knew it was an agency we could trust. 

It won't make the process go any quicker.  But at this point in the game- timelines have gone out the window.  

We are just focusing on being present with the little one already in our home while we wait for our referral.  We've been able to connect with other families already in the pilot program, so that has been a huge help as we wait. 

So, there's not really a "wait list" at this point- just waiting on being matched with a child who is in our age range. 

2.  On a much shallower note- I'm now a brunette.  Granted, I've technically been a brunette for at least a decade, but I've been holding strong to those blond highlights I pay for every few months.  After asking Brian 4.2 million times what he thought about me dyeing my hair to a darker shade of brown, he finally told me to go do it and quit talking about it. 

So I did.  

And then we did an interview for the nightly news a day later. 

Good thing I liked it. 

Since that was debut of the new me- I'm pretty sure there were some folks in Montgomery who questioned whether I knew that Brian was refinancing a home with some random dark-haired woman....  

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  1. Glad you feel good about these changes. I love you as a brunette.