Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Fall is my favorite.

Montgomery, Alabama unfortunately only logs about 3 days of fall each year.

I refuse to let that deter me from enjoying every second of it.

Here is how I celebrate:

1.  Eating copious amounts of Candy Corn.

2. Watching football.  And lots of it.  Not that I have much of a choice- Brian just about cried with joy on opening day of football season.  Our TV stays programmed to football all weekend long from September to December.  (Go VOLS! Go EAGLES!)

3.  Brief bursts of craftiness.  As I've stated before,  I'm not creative or particularly skilled in the world of DIY.  However, there is something about the fall where I just get an itchin' to make something.

Last year, I made this wreath, inspired by my good friend Andrea, over at Babe of My Heart blog.

And... thanks to being exposed to the wonderful world of Pinterest,  I found how to make this very cute, very EASY wreath yesterday...

You need about 125 scraps of 7" x 1.5" fabric (I used five patterns), and a wire hanger as your frame. Tie each scrap in a basic knot.  Here's the original blog where I found it...

Since I didn't have any fabric, I headed to our local fabric store.  The total cost for me ended up being $6.  Not bad!

Trust me, people.  If this girl can do can you.

I've now filled my crafting quota for the season.

So tell me, what are your fall traditions?

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  1. I don't know. From the looks of those wreaths, it looks like you're pretty crafty!

    I've only heard about the intense Alabama summers. I'm sure you're glad for the 3 days of fall :). It's cooling up here in New York City, too. I can't wait to bring out my scarves and jackets for the chilly days. Fall is the best-est-est!