Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Planting weeds

No updates on our today's blog topic is "Things I really stink at and therefore do not enjoy." 

I have very few talents.

Gardening is not one of them.

Now that I'm a homeowner, and on a budget, I've tried to take the yard into my own hands.

Which is unfortunate for our yard.

It's not like it was looking awesome to begin with, as the former owner of our home must have been sick or hospitalized often.

How do I know, you ask? Well, based on what our yard looked like when Brian moved in, I think the former owner had been given many plants and floral arrangements and then subsequently and randomly planted them around the yard.  It really was atrocious. And yes, it took us four years to do something about it.

We finally decided to overhaul the yard and we did most of the work ourselves, removing all of the shrubs and flowers and putting in brand-new landscaping.

We were pretty proud of ourselves.  By this spring only about 10 of the 35 plants had died.

While that may not seem like a good success rate for some of you, the Word's consider that survival percentage a major victory.

We set our expectations low.

Once we put in the new landscaping I really wanted the yard to just fend for itself.  Not so much.  Who knew so much watering would be involved?

I now get excited about the potential of rain in the forecast so I don't have to water our plants.

Being lazy is one of my talents.

BUT, I got real crazy this week and decided to do something with the two planters that had been sitting, half-full of dead weeds, in our backyard for over four years.  Don't judge me.

I repainted them and then headed to one of those big box stores to ask somebody what the heck I'm supposed to put in them.

The sweet lady at the store patiently explained all things green to me. I thought she was brilliant and, of course, bought everything she suggested.  She even showed me how to arrange them in the planter in order to create a beautiful arrangement.

I did just what she told me.

They didn't turn out the way I thought they would.

In fact, it looks like I just planted some weeds and stuck them on our front step.


I should probably just stick to watering the plants.


  1. Oh my goodness....I would comment on this but frankly I'm laughing to hard. You crack me up!

  2. Plants often look better when they've grown a bit...just do what I do, think a wild garden is much better for the wildlife! You are basically doing them a favour by NOT gardening too often!!