Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Grubb Family - Adoption from Poland

It's April! That crazy month where some of us are in the midst of a pollen windstorm and 80 degree weather (hand-raised) and others of you are dealing with SNOW still. (I'll take the pollen).  If you are one of my regular blog readers, I've taken my writing about parenting/motherhood/random stuff over to a Facebook page called Keep High Fiving. If you haven't seen it, I'd love for you to head on over and join our community!

I'm so excited to introduce you to my Rodan + Fields family this month- they are the first family I've supported who are adopting from Poland! I wanted to learn more about the process and hope you can learn something new too!

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Now, I'd like you to hear from Dan and Liz Grubb, a sweet couple I'm honored to support this month!

1. Share a little about your family and what led you to adoption, specifically Poland. 
We've heard the statistic that one in three families talk about adoption, but only 2% act. We knew early on in our relationship that we wanted to be part of the 2%. It has been and will continue to be a lifelong journey. We started out as foster parents, but wanted to be a forever family to a little one. 

As we began to research different countries and processes, the agency and country requirements for Poland stuck out to us. It matched where we were as a couple and as a family at the time. The more we learned about Poland, the more we were attached to its history. The history of Poland is littered with bondage and oppression and now it is experiencing new freedoms. We saw so many connections to the Gospel with previous bondage and oppression and new found freedoms in Christ, we want this to be a story that continues to point to God's glory. 

2. What is the process to adopt from Poland? How did you choose your agency? 
I believe it is relatively standard. We chose the agency based on reputation, relationship with country, relationship with birth families, care for children, faith background, and responsiveness to inquires. We started with agency paperwork and a home study, then completed the dossier, were matched with a little girl and accepted her referral, then we continued with paperwork and wait for court dates. The process can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years (estimated) and we are 15 month into the process. Once the court date is set, we then travel to Poland for the bonding period and court process. We will be in country for 6-7 weeks. The bonding period is set by the local judge, and is somewhere between 2-3 weeks, then there is a 21 day appeals process after the court date.  Once through that period, we will be able to apply for her visa and finish up anything we need to before bringing her home. 

3. What are you learning in this adoption process? 
That every child deserves a home, that it's easier than I thought, that it's also harder than I thought, that patience and perseverance come from the Lord along with peace and comfort.  I've learned just what an amazing husband, a supportive family, and fantastic friends I have, and that I love a child I've never met more than I could ever imagine. 

4. How will you continue to celebrate and emphasize your child's Polish heritage once they are in your family? 
Well, we're trying to learn Polish, to incorporate some language into the home. We'll probably highlight the cuisine we like on special occasions. We'll celebrate all things Polish on major holidays and our Gotcha Day. And we plan to talk about everything with her as she's ready to hear and questioning. 

5. What are some ways that people who are not going to adopt can still play a role in the life of an adoptive family? 
Prayer is so important and so comforting. Financially, give if you are able and willing. If not, help out with a fundraiser by serving or helping with the planning. Read about how adoptive parenting can be different and support adoptive parents in the beautiful moments and the hard moments. And show all the love you can to the child and the parents themselves! It's such a joyous thing, celebrating every little moment is so important!   


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